Why is it essential to keep your air conditioner filter clean

Nowadays, everyone has air conditioners in their house. Air conditioners keep rooms cool during hot summers giving comfort to the people staying there. 
However, you may often come across a problem when you switch on the air conditioner, but your room doesn’t cool. You may feel that the machine isn’t working properly, and you keep wondering why the room should have become cool by now. You may also meddle with the temperatures and change the modes to check if it works out, but still, the room doesn’t cool. You may put your hands close to the blowers to check the airflow or to see if there is a temperature change. There may be several causes leading to this problem. One such problem is dirty air filters.

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Cleaning air filters at regular intervals is necessary. Keep the air filters of an air-conditioner clean for several reasons like comfort, efficiency, longevity, protection of the components present in the interior, and many more.

Purpose of air filters

The air in the HVAC system has to pass through an air filter. The function of the air filter is to trap the pollutants and airborne particulates like dander, dust, mold, and many more. The mesh is the major part of the filter. It becomes dense as air passes through it. The particles are trapped, and clean air flows. The mesh doesn’t hinder the airflow. However, it becomes clogged and dirty after some time.

Problems That Arise From Dirty Air Filters

Dirty and clogged air filters of air-conditioners put a lot of stress on it, and it has to work harder than before. Hence, it uses more energy and increases utility expenses.

Clogged air filters result in less airflow. Reduced airflow results in the accumulation of ice and overheating in the evaporator coils. Hence, dirty air filters can lead to a fire breakout or a failure. 

Cleaning air filters regularly prevents a fall of the rate at which heat gets exchanged over time. 

Dirty air filters can result in the breakdown of the evaporator or condenser. You have to repair them, which may result in heavy bills. 

Clogged air filters result in bad quality of indoor air. Even in the case of high-efficiency filters, the home air may get filled with dust particles and debris leading to breathing problems and allergies.

Importance of Keeping Air Filters Clean

Cleaning the air filters of air conditioners is a mandate for its proper maintenance and people should do it at regular intervals to prevent several problems. Now, we shall elaborate more on the importance of having air filters cleaned:-

1) Clean the air filter and ensure an air-conditioner with high efficiency

Clean air filters ensure better airflow. They improve the efficiency of the air conditioner. The efficiency of the air conditioner may get compromised due to the clogged and dirty air filters.

2) Unlike dirty air filters, clean air filters can filter airborne particles

Airborne particles include allergens, dust particles, dander, pollen grains, and many more. An air filter must filter out these airborne particles. 
They can cause harm to your health. A clean air filter will filter out these particles and maintain high air quality. Cleaning air filters is essential for health issues.

 3) Air filters shall keep the ductwork clean

Are you anxious about the dust and dirt in the ductwork? Unclogged air filters in an air conditioner will help keep the ductwork clean and tidy.

4) Cleaning air filters at periodic intervals help cut off electricity bills

You must be aware that air conditioners require a lot of electrical energy to work. Clogged filters force the unit to work hard. It increases the electricity bills by a huge amount. If you keep the air filters clean, the air conditioning unit will consume comparatively less electricity and you can save some money.

5) Clean air filters prevent repair charges and replacement charges

Dirty air filters can damage some parts of the air conditioning unit. They need repair or replacement. If you clean the air filters regularly, you can cut down on repair and replacement costs.

6) Cleaning air filters regularly helps extend the longevity of the air conditioning machine

Clogged air filters will make it uneasy for the AC to manage airflow. It will increase wear and tear. Cleaning filters regularly eases the pressure on the unit and increases its lifetime. 

Lack of maintenance and clogged air filters are the major reasons for HVAC failures. Clean the air filters and maintain the air conditioning unit properly to use it for a long time.

Changing air filters

Like all other parts, the air filter, too, has a lifetime. Do not use an air filter beyond a particular time. Cleaning air filters increase their lifetime. However, after some time, go for a new air filter.

1) Changing air filters can protect the environment

Sometimes, it is better to replace a dirty air filter with a new one instead of cleaning it. Change air filters after using them for a long time. Replacing the old filter with a new one will keep the release of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases under control. It will, in turn, safeguard the environment. 

2) Using old air filters can increase the electricity bills

Old clogged air filters will consume more electrical energy than a new filter. Save money by buying a new filter after you have used the old one for a considerable period.

3) Using new air filters, you can have healthy and clean air around you

 Changing your air filter after using it for some time results in a cleaner and fresher air than before. It creates a refreshing and conducing ambiance which is beneficial for everyone. 

Clean the air filter of your air conditioning unit and feel the difference. The performance of the unit gets better with the change. Experts recommend going for a change in air filters after regular intervals.

Air Filter Cleaners

Air filter cleaners help you clean the air filters of your air conditioning units with ease. They restore the performance of the units by cleaning the air filters. You can opt for the top AC filter cleaning kit online to make your task hassle-free. 

Before buying an air filter cleaner, go through the details of each one available in the market and make sure that you buy the best air filter cleaner. Now, enjoy the chill after getting the air filter of your unit clean.

Final words

Air conditioners are there in every house. Make sure that you take proper care of the air conditioning unit at your home. Proper maintenance can extend its longevity. If you want to keep an air conditioner in good condition, get the air filter cleaned every month or after every two months. It will prevent the air conditioner from being damaged, reduce electricity bills, cut down repair and replacement charges, resulting in the fresh air, and cool the room quickly. 

If you ever feel that the air conditioning unit is cooling your room very slowly, clean the air filters. You may do it on your own with the help of air filter cleaners or take the help of a mechanic. However, after using an air filter for a prolonged time, change it to get a better experience.

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