Give Your Pets Their Play Space in Your Backyard by Doing These!

Turn your empty backyard into a safe playing space for your wonderful pets. Make it a place where you can also establish a bond with your furry friends!

Living with pets can be challenging. This is true especially if you don’t have a proper place for them to spend their free time. You can have them inside your house but it’s good for your pets to spend some time under the sun too. If your backyard is empty, you can give it a makeover. Make this a spot where your pets can play while you watch them with joy.
But how are you going to make it possible? Check out some of these ideas to get your pets to play outside. You can do this by transforming your backyard into their fun playing space. Some of these may require construction so you may need a little help from the experts.

Image by Gerhard G. from Pixabay

Clean your lawn

The very first thing you have to do is to clean the lawn. What you want to achieve here is making your backyard a safe place for everyone. The area should be appropriate for you and your pets to spend time on. Start with mowing the grasses. Pick out some that you don’t want to grow back. Pick the leaves or sweep them off. Use a rake to get rid of fallen leaves. If you are too busy to do these, cleaning services can help you. Your lawn should also be free from poisonous plants. You don’t want your pets munching on some of those. Pluck them out including the roots to prevent them from growing back too. You would want a comfortable and safe space for your pets. Do this so they can fully enjoy the outdoors within the premises of your house.

Construct fences

Speaking of protecting your pets, fences would keep them safeguarded while they play outdoors. Whether it be your lawn or backyard, pet thieves can strike everywhere. Your pets should not fall in the hands of thieves. Pet thievery is very prevalent nowadays. This is why building a fence is vital if you’re going to make your backyard a playing space for your pets. See the most appropriate fences you can use for this project. Picket fences will be perfect for small pets like rabbits and cats. If you have a big dog, wooden or vinyl ones can do the work. As long as you construct tall ones, your dogs can be protected.

Give your pets a playpen

The fun part starts here. You may need a hand to get some of these constructions done. Your pets will surely enjoy a playpen for their recreation. Make a maze inside their playpen. Watch them race their way through the passages and go for the finish line. You can also put platforms where your pets can practice their agility. It’s going to be a good exercise ground for your lovely four-legged friends. Let your pets enjoy the maze as they explore and navigate their playpen.

Treat your cats with catios

Catios are patios for cats. You can build this structure against the fence or any walls. Your furry felines need a place to rest after having a long day in your backyard. Construct platforms so your cats could take a break. Give them something they could use to exercise such as tree logs where they could jump and swing. A capacious catio could also give them enough space to run around with their fellow cats. It’s also good if the lawn grass could serve as the catio’s floor. They could roll around safely on the grass. Let them enjoy their time under the sunshine inside the catio.

Make them dig and scratch

If there are anything cats and dogs love to do, it’s scratching and digging. It’s their way to sharpen their nails, especially cats. But you don’t want them to scratch any random surfaces in your backyard. For cats, a scratching post can do the job. A lot of these nifty cat-scratching posts are available online. Just check the reviews and see if they’re durable enough to stand the test of time. For your dogs, you don’t want them digging the ground. That can ruin your perfectly trimmed grasses. You can build a sandpit for them. Enclose the sand inside big rocks to prevent them from scattering.

Build hammocks and lofts for resting pets

Just like catios, another clever way to get your cats to rest is by building hammocks. It’s a multi-layer platform that can cater to multiple cats. It’s useful if you have numerous cats in your house and want them to spend time outdoors. It’ll also train them in jumping and climbing. Meanwhile, you can build lofts for your dogs. Get them comfortable with a two-story mini house where they can sleep after a tiring playtime. They’d surely love to go up and down using the sturdy staircases. Put the most comfortable cushions and you’ll see them enjoy the loft instantly. Make their resting time worthwhile by giving them the space they deserve.

Swimming Pool for your Dogs

This could become the focal point of your backyard playpen. A doggie pool is just perfect for all your fluffy dogs. This spot is going to be perfect for them instead of them paddling in the mud. Dogs like to get themselves wet when they see any body of water. Now, it’s easier for them to get damp because this water attraction is going to be very accessible for them. Since this is a little laborious to construct, you may need some help from landscapers. But all the hard work will pay off once you see your dogs starting to play in the pool. You are going to have a lot of picture-perfect moments with your pet dogs with this construction.

There are still a lot of things you can actually add to beautify your backyard for your pets. Shades, water stations, mini houses, and many more. The most important thing here is to give your pets a safe space to enjoy the outdoors. They deserve this reward for all the happiness and peace they bring to you.