How To Renovate a Garden

If you’ve decided your garden needs an overhaul or a refresh it can be quite an intimidating task to start. Luckily Cleveland Land Services, a landscaping and earthworks company, is here to give you all the top tips on how to plan your garden renovation!

How Much Does it Cost to Renovate a Garden?

Before we get into how you can renovate your garden let’s take a look at the costs first. For a professional job, you could be looking at anywhere from £5000 upwards depending on the size of your garden.

Of course, costs are much lower if you undertake the renovation yourself, though the finish and designing may not be quite up to scratch. If you are doing it yourself you save on the cost of labour and this can be a fair saving.

Why Renovate Your Garden?

Changing your garden can be a difficult job, there’s an awful lot to consider and obviously, you want something great at the end. But why go through all the effort of renovating your garden in the first place?

Renovating your home seems like an easy decision to make, you not only update your home and make it feel and look much better but you’re also adding value to your home should you ever come to sell it.

Your garden is not too dissimilar, you get a great looking landscape out the back and it can add value to your home depending on the job and quality.

In the warmer months, you’ll probably spend a fair amount of time outside in your garden, whether you’re lounging in the sun, having a barbecue or gardening. By renovating your garden you can make the most of your outdoor space and transform it into a slice of paradise for you and your family.

So with that out the way let’s get into the tough bit, renovating your garden…

Garden Renovation

So you’ve decided to tackle the renovation yourself? Transforming the garden is quite a task but we’re sure you’ll be just fine. The stress and difficulties of transforming your garden will all be worth it in the end. Here are our top tips on how your renovate your garden…

Plan In Detail

Renovating a garden is a difficult task, as we’ve mentioned. Before you tackle the task have a good think and plan well ahead of what you’re going to need and in what order you’re completing tasks.

Research Everything

Your renovation certainly won’t be an overnight process, be ready to have a mess in the garden and probably the house too. Spent as much time as you can researching information, it could be on how to lay decking or how to build a garden pond. Research everything you want to do with your garden until you’re a bonafide pro.

Break The Project Up

Don’t look at the task as one big project, instead break it up into a load of little tasks, not only does this help you work out a timescale but you can also manage costs by project and stick to your budget. Just remember to plan them in the right order as some tasks are reliant on others.

Prepare The Garden

Once you’ve got all the planning and research there’s one last task you need to do before you get cracking. You’ll need to prepare your garden before you start, hire a skip and get rid of all the useless stuff you aren’t going to need and keep anything you will need.

Once the clutter is clear you can get cracking. It might also be worth mentioning your renovation to the neighbours, it might get noisy and messy at times. Alternatively, if the task is too much for you consider hiring a professional service and you can relax as they take care of everything.

Garden Inspiration

Now that you know what you’re facing, here are some great ideas for your garden that can make it that much more special…

Perfect Paving

Adding some paving to your garden can break things up and let you create separate spaces in your garden. Adding paving to make a little entertaining area can be a great addition to your garden and make things look truly special.

Fabulous Furniture

All gardens can benefit from some great looking furniture. For a smaller garden consider folding furniture or bench seating that can be tucked away to give you as much space as possible. Even larger furniture like sofas and dining tables can fit in snugly with your garden and give you more entertaining space.

For larger landscapes, you can take full advantage of trends and add in dedicated seating, matching chair and table sets, sun loungers and even a hanging chair to make the most of your space and add some much needed entertaining facilities. Matched with a firepit you can have a brilliant garden that you and your guests will love.

Love Your Lighting

Think back to when you decorated your home, how much did you think about the lighting? Lighting can make or break your room and it can do the same for your garden. Lighting like fairy lights, solar lamps and wall flights mean you can enjoy your space even when the sun sets or the weather isn’t exactly what you wanted.

No matter if it’s rope lights along the walls or lanterns along the path the lights you choose can add character, ambience and a great atmosphere to your space.

So there you go! Everything you need to know for renovating your garden, from the cost and reason to how to do it yourself. Hopefully, this guide gave you everything you needed to make your garden feel like yours.