Intriguing Ideas for your Rented Space

You recently moved to a new apartment, but the design of the house seems off. You are probably wondering how to make it look more conducive for yourself and your family.

Nothing can stop you from making this rental apartment feel like home. This article outlines some of those ideas you will need to arrange your space to meet your specifications.

Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

The walls

Decorate the walls to cooperate the theme of your house. However, landlords might disagree with their walls being painted in some cases. In this case, you can invest in wallpapers.

Wallpapers have a way of adding elegance to your room that can’t be achieved by monochromatic paint. They come in beautiful designs and different colors. You won’t miss something that matches your home’s liking.

You don’t want to put unnecessary holes on the walls; the best idea is to print the wall decorations and plant them on the walls to see where they best fit before putting holes on the walls.

You can also avoid unnecessary holes by investing in removable hooks.

Living rooms

Family time is primarily spent in the living room. You want to make it look more conducive, comfortable, and sophisticated as well.

If you have kids, you will want to decorate your room to be more kids friendly; you are most likely to find a lot of colors in houses with kids. However, this may not be an option for everyone. If you’re going to think about the oversized items you will use, like the sofa, you should consider adding some more pillows to your couch for comfort.

Bean bag chairs are fun ideas for your little ones; they will love sinking in reading books or watching movies. Invest in a good rug to add more dimension to your room.

For a room always hosting kids, you are likely to get stains on your furniture. Consider getting an upholstery cleaner to work magic on your couches. Before getting a cleaner, look at their reviews, discuss your needs and get a quote beforehand.

Once you’ve settled, insist on getting a couple of referrals from the cleaner. Lastly, avoid working with cleaners who use all-in-one cleaning tools. Getting a cleaner is easy. Just do an online search for “best upholstery cleaning service near me.”

Office space

Consider investing in optimal desks. If you have a small space, the desks are likely ideal for you. If you are working from home, you will need a quiet, well-lit space for your maximum concentration. The place must also be well organized and calm to maximize productivity.

Use curtains to conceal, clutter, and section off your existing space. You don’t want to cause damage to the walls. However, you can consider a standing bookcase to arrange all your files and books in place.

Entertainment room

Most people use the living room as the entertainment room. How about breaking the monotony by creating a space that only serves entertainment purposes?

Hang a gallery of artwork around your tv to frame it. Consider mounting tv on the wall to create more entertainment space. Surround the place with comfortable chairs or beam bags for comfort and relaxation.

Apartment entryway

Design your entryway by hanging a set of hooks for hanging purposes. One can hang the hats, handbags, and coats on these hooks. Consider placing a shelf on top to act as a drop zone for putting or grabbing keys and other go items. Add mirrors to make the space even cozier.

Bedroom ideas

Modify your bedroom to look as ambient and cozier as possible since this is your space for relaxation. Try a detailed texture throw pillows like fur, wool, and fur. Also, do this with your rugs.

Use soft lightning-like table lamps with dimmer to minimize the lightning in the room. Add some artwork on the wall above your bed to bring a more creative look.

Wall paintings

A well-decorated house defines your personality to your guests and makes it feel more like home. The first thing you notice when you go to every home is the paintings that give your home the best colors and make it feel homier.

Install floating shelves

Floating shelves give your house a more organized and cozier essence. Use these shelves for decorative items and family portfolios.

Maximize a small kitchen

Rental houses are mostly fitted with a small kitchen. Make use of every kitchen storage. Arrange your dishes well on the shelves, and the ones that are not commonly used should be stacked on the upper shelves.

Add long curtains

Pick a curtain that suits your style or matches the theme of your home, and long curtains have a way of adding elegance to your room. Pair your curtains with blinds and add a luxurious lining.

Add mirrors

Mirrors tend to make your room brighter. They create an illusion making your small space look big. Add a full-length mirror against your wall as a significant decorative element.

Accessory photos

Accessorize with your photos and prints. You can print your photos yourself and frame them with cute frames.

This way, you minimize the cost of purchasing artificial accessories.

Update the apartment bathroom

You want to modify the bathroom to your specifications and make it feel cozy and elegant. The landlord’s choice looks dull or monotonous. Dress up your walls with framed artwork. If you don’t like the tiling on the floor, consider covering it with a vinyl one.

Add plants

Purchase plants with your design style. Plants make your home look elegant cozy, and fresh at all times. You might want to liven up your bathroom with high humidity plants and brighten up dark corners with low light plants. If you are clueless about planting and gardening, Foxchair has resources that might help.

Peel off tiles

You are probably tired of the monotonous tiles on your bathroom walls or kitchen walls. You are considering purchasing peel-off tiles. Peel-off tiles come in different colors, and you can select a color that meets your preferences. Peel-off tiles are easy to install and remove; therefore, you don’t need a plumber to do the work.

Couch covers

The color on your couch becomes boring sometimes. Instead of purchasing a new sofa, you can go for couch covers. So can be able to play will color patterns and texture.

Pendant lights

You might want more lightning in your room. Consider investing in pendant lightning or table lamps. This brings brightness and acts as accessories to make your home look more elegant.


There is no limit to that small space or a rented space. Establish your best and most comfortable home from that space. Make it more comfortable and homier.